Women entrepreneurs...
The 9-5ers...
Ex-corporate Queens...
Mompreneurs already bringing-in $1-2k per month...

Are you ready to take your side hustle from
$0 to a REAL monthly income?  

An 8-week business mentorship program for female entrepreneurs looking to create and launch a profitable personal brand from their side hustle. 🚀 


✅ you could make a CONSISTENT income from your side hustle doing what you ACTUALLY love. 🤑

✅ you had a personalized business model that gave you the steps to successfully create, launch, and scale your side hustle into a full-time business.

✅ you were able to attract your Ideal Client/Customer by monetizing your social media with confidence.

✅ you knew how to communicate your expertise and value to your customers (in person + online) and get paid what you deserve, without fear of rejection. ✨

✅ you had a guide to planning 60 days worth of content in 2 hours!!

✅ you could ditch your never-ending “to do list”, and know exactly what daily essentials you should be doing to see REAL results in your business. 

✅ weekly LIVE mentorship, accountability, and support from a tribe of like-minded women for whenever you feel "stuck".


As an online entrepreneur, you don't have the time or money to waste.  

You're ready to have a CLEAR blueprint for your next steps to building a profitable business, and the tools to help you level-up as you grow.    



➡️ an aspiring entrepreneur who knows her worth is much more than her hourly salary, but has no idea where to start. 🙄

➡️ a mompreneur working full-time during the day, and trying to promote her side hustle in between.  You juggle the demands of work + family, and its leaving you feeling like your failing miserably. 😞😖

➡️ a stay at home mom who set aside a career to take care of her growing family.  Now you’re ready to have an identity outside of being "just a mom and a wife". 💃🏼

➡️ an aspiring entrepreneur who is seeing everyone around her succeed, and feeling like "maybe I can't do this after-all".  But you know how much it would change your life if this business idea DID work. 🙏🏾✨

➡️ you've had a few customers IRL (in real life), but can’t figure out how to repeat and scale your business to attract regular and returning clients. 🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏻🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏽

➡️ you aren't sure how to position yourself online to stand out to your ideal customers.

➡️ you've downloaded at least 10 workbooks and opted-in to DOZENS of email lists, and you still have no idea 

A) how to create one yourself and B) how to even use it to reach your biz goals 🤯

...then Side Hustle Mastermind is For You!!

I've been in that same place, and I know how frustrating it can be to try and figure out everything on your own.  This is not another online course where you read a workbook, watch a few pre-recorded videos and hope something sticks.

I created Side Hustle Mastermind for the female entrepreneur who is motivated AF to build, creative -- but needs an accountability partner, 
and ready to drop the excuses to create their dream life from their side hustle.

I'm here to support you, hold you accountable, and help you develop your IDEAS into a memorable brand and profitable business

Here's a sneak peak inside my mentorship course and everything you need to create and launch a profitable online business from scratch --
or relaunch confidently!


    • Week 1:  Reset Your Mind & Discover Your WHY
      Your mindset and limiting beliefs are holding you back, whether you know it or not.  As aspiring entrepreneurs the most difficult thing is finding and maintaining work-life balance, especially when starting something new.  Implement my process for shifting, changing and rewriting all ideas, beliefs, and energies that hold you back in your daily life.  Become willing to forgive and release everything and everyone that gave you the impression that you were less than deserving of your desires.

    • Week 2:  It's All in The MATH
      It's time to build your business blueprint.  In Week 2, we break down the entire process of starting, growing, and scaling your business -- but it all starts with a PLAN.  To get your first sale, much less first $5K, you need to create SMART launch goals as your indicators of success.  You'll gain clarity on your "Minimum Availability", and have proven strategies to generating a consistent revenue.  

    • Week 3:  Validate & Monetize Your Niche
      Even if you already have a niche, the validating process will teach you how to get super-specific with your ideal client audience by identifying their pain-points and positioning yourself as an expert.  We'll research if your niche is actually a viable market, how to monetize your content, and what your message and impact will be.

    • Week 4:  Create Your Offer & Sell Confidently
      In Week 4, we'll go over pricing strategies, setting up your platform of choice, and how to get PAID.  Here's where you get confident about selling your offering.  It's all about working SMART not hard, so we'll deep-dive into the Psychology of Sales so you understand exactly HOW and WHY people buy.

    • Week 5:  Creating Content + Planning Ahead
      Week 5 is all about creating content to getting your ideal audience to take action, and planning content in advance.  Between work, family life, kinds, any anything else that seems to drop in our lap unannounced -- there isn't time to get the "perfect shot" and write long captions every single day.   Plan it in advance.  Post it. Profit.
      Learn how to prepare engaging content in advance and optimize your social media bio to attract your ideal customer.  

    • Week 6:  Managing & Automating Your Business
      As new and aspiring entrepreneurs, multi-tasking is a natural super-power.  So once we get the fundamentals down, Week 6 is all about managing your business, personal development, and time.  We'll dive into creating a daily routine, automating processes + tedious tasks, and staying organized while in transition.

    • Week 7:  Launch It!
      Week 7 is all about the big launch!  We'll review all of the SMART goals as outlined in Week 2 and create a Launch Strategy for landing your first sale.  Each of these strategies I have personally used to land my first sale in multiple side hustles and secure launches over $5K.   I guarantee, if you're implementing any of these from beginning to end -- you'll experience the same success!

    • Week 8:  Profits, Post-Launch, and Client Reviews
      Woohoo -- You did it!  Your business is live, but it doesn't stop here.  Customer service and retention are imperative to strengthening your brand and making your customers happy.  We'll discuss what to do after the sale and how to get your customer recurring and to leave raving reviews. 


No more "what will I post today".  Your 60-Day Mentorship Workbook helps you map-out your goals, create a tangible action plan, and a detailed marketing + launch strategy.   Stop guessing what works and watch your business and authority online start to bloom.


You can either choose to walk this journey alone and spend the time and money working everything out by yourself -- OR you can hire someone who will guide you through each uncertainty along the way. 
Yes sis, you don't have to do this alone! 
By the end of the program, you'll have a personalized business model of strategies and systems to clearly outline how you'll show up online, attract the right people, and automate your business.  

➡️ Know exactly what you should be doing everyday to generate the results that are important to YOU, in a way that feels GOOD.

➡️ FINALLY understand the ins and outs of social media, email marketing, and growing your audience so you can truly thrive online.

➡️ Begin creating the kind of life you truly desire because you deserve it!



BONUS 1: 365 Content Ideas
Post ideas, prompts, and killer captions.  Fully loaded with content ideas for all 365 calendar days, that work for every niche and industry.  Preplan your content with ease and give consistent value to your audience. 

BONUS 2:  Email Sequence Swipe Files
One of the most difficult things is figuring out "how to nurture" an email list.  These swipe files are an easy edit + paste breakdown on what to write, how often to send, and how to sell within email marketing.  If anyone has told you you don't need an email list -- THEY ARE DEAD WRONG and you are leaving a lot of money on the table. 


👉  I believe in sharing strategy, not fluff.

👉  I believe in the opportunities that can make your dream life — your real life.

👉  I believe in helping you create the kind of life you truly desire because you deserve it!





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If you made it alllll this way to the bottom of the page, chances are you didn't read a single thing -- in which case, you're missing an Ah-may-zing opportunity!!  

Some part of this has resonated with you and you wanted to see who was behind the madness. 
Hey!  I'm Stephanie Martin, founder of Side Hustle Mastermind. 
As a multi-passionate mompreneur -- like you and many others, my transition from corporate 9-5 to entrepreneurship was not smooth, easy, or as glamorous as social media makes it seem.  And there are so many things that you have to learn on your own — only after you’ve spent a shit ton of money trying to figure it out.   

So, instead of waiting for someone to hand me a CEO title, I created one.

Read my full-story HERE.


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