After I write this post, I have two options.

A.  I can obsess over its flaws, wonder if there’s a better way to say what I want to say, and edit it all day until I think it’s perfect.

Or, B.  I can hit publish.


Clearly I did the latter option.

I used to be so scared of sharing my story and now I’m getting paid to tell it over and over again — And this is just the beginning!!   Because like you, I’m navigating my entrepreneurship journey day-by-day and strategy-by-strategy.


Seeking perfection doesn’t move us forward — it holds us back.

Our best work isn’t perfect. It’s the imperfections in our work that enable us to be great. To be relatable.  To connect with each other.

Perfect isn’t interesting.

The flaws, rough edges, broken rules, and counter-intuitive choices are what makes US and our work unique, effective, and memorable.  The imperfections are what attracts others to our creations and what makes them stand out.


Our attention is drawn to things that stand out — not things that fit in.

What makes something stand out is how it differs from the norm.  But being “perfect” demands the opposite — it encourages you to embrace the norms.  To be safe.  To play small.

The definition of “perfect” is something that “has all the required or desirable elements.”

What that actually means is it’s perfect because it offers what’s expected. That’s fine, but what’s expected is rarely interesting and often pretty boring.


What’s expected isn’t what gets noticed. (Read that again)


Perfect isn’t relatable.

Nobody is perfect and that includes your audience.  We all struggle and like to see our struggles reflected back to us in the people we follow and admire.  Revealing our imperfections instead of hiding them doesn’t drive people from you — it draws them to you.

It humanizes us and allows people to connect with us in ways they’ll never connect with someone that appears to have it all together.


Perfect is limiting.

Let’s say we manage to create something perfect...

We’ve lived up to the impossibly high standard we set for ourselves, but now what?

Where do we go from here?


Perfect doesn’t allow for change, improvement, or growth.  If we convince ourselves something we’ve done is perfect, we remove our ability to improve it or make it better.


When we become comfortable with putting imperfect things into the world, we create opportunities for ourselves to become better.

Our mistakes are valuable. Don’t undervalue them by trying to avoid them.


Perfect is an excuse.

The easiest way to avoid putting something into the world is to aim for perfection.

We can’t let anybody read our book because it’s not perfect.

We can’t sell our product until it’s the best.

We can’t share our online course because you need to have every module complete.

And there’s no point in pitching to potential clients until we’ve perfected our pitch. Right?


Too often our perfection very closely mimics procrastination (our “high standards,” “commitment to excellence,” or whatever other nonsense we label it) becomes an excuse to avoid moving forward.

If we try and fail, we’re a failure.  We can’t use perfection as a cover for our own fear.

When we’re willing to put something imperfect in the world, we force ourselves to realize the only thing holding us back is our fear — and that can be overcome. EVERY SINGLE TIME.


Perfect doesn’t exist.

Finally understanding that has been one of the most challenging things I have ever done mentally.  Why? Because success on this journey comes from the very things I’ve been avoiding for so long. 

Changing my money mindset.

Following my gut and not other people's opinions.

Investing financially in my dream when I had no money in my bank account.

Taking the time away to look inward and still love myself, flaws and all.

It’s learning to be comfortable with discomfort.

My Imperfections are sexy.

!t can be so scary putting ourselves out there, but it's okay to not have everything figured out.  We’re all on this journey of life together and it’s important to remember that no one is doing it “perfectly”. 

I say all that to say, it’s my hope that you'll use the information I share here, to get the results you are after and discover new ways to monetize your #sidehustle. 

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